CSTD Ballet

The C.S.T.D. is one of the great International Dance Societies proudly serving Dance for over seventy eight (78) years providing examinations in all major dance disciplines throughout Australia and the Asian Pacific region. It is a performance-oriented syllabus right from Pre-Ballet to Major examinations. 


Tiny Tots ( 4-5 years old)

To develop basic  movement skills and create musical awareness to progress to the next level of dance. Children will learn to use their imagination in different exercises, to help build creativity and self confidence.

Pre-Ballet ( 5-6 yearls old)

Its the Foundation of Technique that prepares students for the work in the Graded syallabus. Here children will also learn to mime, which can help develop their self-expression.

Primary Ballet (6-7 years old)

The Development of Technique in which children learn to listen and recognize different rhythms in music. It also gives them ability to feel the movement and to dance with freedom and enjoyment. 



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