Rhythmic Gymnastics (Girls age 5-12)


An Olympic sport since 1981, rhythmic gymnastics combines dance and flexibility with hand apparatus into beautiful routines set to exciting music. Individuals and groups perform this sport competitively as well as recreationally. Our class will teach the basic apparatus skills in rope, hoop, ball, and ribbon as well as proper technique for all body skills and dance. This class will consist of 20 minutes ballet, dance and body skills, 20 minutes apparatus handling, and 20 minutes flexibility and strength building.  This class is basics building only, but competitive and performance opportunities will be available in the future.

Rhythmic Gymnastics builds:

·   Overall health and fitness

·   Flexibility

·   Total body strength

·   Grace and composure

·   Good posture

·   Coordination

·   Great platform to move onto other forms of dance or other sports

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